About Us

We believe in a quality product built above and beyond the requirements of the state. Our customer satisfaction is our number one priority, from your first call to the end of your project and beyond. We have some of Florida's finest installers and can cater to everyone's needs in a timely fashion. Without you, the customer, we, the provider would be nothing! 

We are a family company that understands the morals and values of good family tradition. We started out over 40 years ago with the founder and a pioneer of the aluminum industry Roy K. Lundy. He believed in building his structure far superior to his competition and was the originator of many practices that a majority of installers now use today. Roy had 4 kids the youngest, Stephen Lundy was taught this trade at a very young age and proceeded to make a career out of the trade that he had mastered at such a young age. Steve worked for several specialty contractors learning and acquiring knowledge from each of them. 

Taking what he had learned from each one of these companies he took the experience and skills that he had learned and used the best aspect of each company and molded into what you know today as LUNDY'S SCREEN ROOMS. Steve also worked in Miami during the re-building phase of devastating hurricane Andrew and did studies as to why the majority of aluminum structures failed. He then proceeded to initiate a building practice to eliminate these failures in the future. We feel that we have no competition because as the hurricanes blow our competitions product down our structures continue to stand strong.
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